Monday, February 15

Cloudland - Pere Ubu (1989)

"In a press handout that accompanied the original release of Pere Ubu's Cloudland, David Thomas quipped 'We'd never been asked to write a pop record before. I guess it never occurred to anyone.' Given the sonic Dadaism of much of Pere Ubu's work, what's most startling is not that it took so long for someone to suggest they make a pop record but that they were able to comply so successfully. Stephen Hague, who had previously worked with the Pet Shop Boys, Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark and New Order, produced these sessions, and Cloudland boasts a glossy surface that was unprecedented for Pere Ubu's work; the drums sounded crisp and tight, the songs included traditional melodies and melodic keyboard lines, Allen Ravenstine's noisy punctuations were pushed to the back of the mix, and the harmonies sounded as if they were performed by actual professionals. ..."
W - Cloudland
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