Wednesday, May 6

R. Crumb Describes How He Dropped LSD in the 60s & Instantly Discovered His Artistic Style

"As Nancy Reagan and my junior high school health teacher will tell you, LSD is illegal and illegal drugs are bad. Unlike other drugs, however, LSD can blow open – as Aldous Huxley described it – the doors of perception and remove the filters of conventional thought. It has pushed some of the 20th century’s most creative minds into making important cognitive leaps. Nobel Prize-winning scientist Francis Crick famously first imagined DNA’s double-helix structure after dropping acid. Steve Jobs described his first trip as one of the most profound experiences in his life. And in June 20, 1970, Pirates pitcher Dock Ellis threw a no-hitter (or so the legend goes) while tripping on a preposterously large dose of the stuff. Let’s see you do that on meth. ..."
Open Culture (Video)

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