Saturday, May 30

John Sloan: Spectator of Life

Night Windows, 1910
[May 8, 1988] “There is a German saying that could serve as a motto for much of the work of the American artist John Sloan: 'The air of the city makes you free.' No doubt city air can also oppress, and Sloan's art finds room for some of its harsher and more desolating effects. But the sense of freedom is what comes across most strongly - freedom to be yourself, to stay up at all hours, to share the life of the street; freedom to stroll around and observe. Sloan (1871-1951) once described himself as 'a spectator of life,' and the organizers of a new Sloan exhibition have latched on to the phrase. 'John Sloan: Spectator of Life' is the largest New York show to be devoted to his work since the one mounted by the Whitney Museum 36 years ago, shortly after his death. ..."
NY Times: John Sloan's Bygone New York Depicted in All Its Splendor And Squalor
YouTube: John Sloan - Spectator Of Life

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