Saturday, January 31

Neil Young the Ultimate Guide

"Some trivia, before pushing the play button:In the top 20 the two charts are quite similar: even if in different positions, 15 songs are the same. Both include Buffalo Springfield and CSNY songs. While After the Gold Rush album is the most present album in the Mojo chart, in Rolling Stone's Top 100 it stops at #3 (6 songs in the playlist), after Harvest and Tonight's the Night (both with 7 songs)."

2008 February: Neil Young, 2010 April: Neil Young - 1, 2010 April: Neil Young - 2, 2010 May: Neil Young - 3, 2010 October: Neil Young's Sound, 2012 January: Long May You Run: The Illustrated History, 2012 June: Like A Hurricane, 2012 July: Greendale, 2013 April: Thoughts On An Artist / Three Compilations, 2013 August: Heart of Gold, 2014 March: Dead Man (1995), 2014 August: Ragged Glory - Neil Young + Crazy Horse (1990), 2014 November: Broken Arrow (1996), 2015 January: Rust Never Sleeps (1979).

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