Wednesday, April 15

Eduardo Galeano (3 September 1940 – 13 April 2015)

After a speech at the National Pedagogical University in Tegucigalpa, Honduras, in 2005.
Wikipedia - "Eduardo Hughes Galeano (3 September 1940 – 13 April 2015) was a Uruguayan journalist, writer and novelist considered by some, among other things, 'a literary giant of the Latin American left'. His best-known works are Las venas abiertas de América Latina (Open Veins of Latin America, 1971) and Memoria del fuego (Memory of Fire Trilogy, 1982–6). 'I'm a writer,' the author once said of himself, 'obsessed with remembering, with remembering the past of America and above all that of Latin America, intimate land condemned to amnesia.' ... In 1973, a military coup took power in Uruguay; Galeano was imprisoned and later was forced to flee. His book Open Veins of Latin America was banned by the right-wing military government, not only in Uruguay, but also in Chile and Argentina. ... He fled again, this time to Spain, where he wrote his famous trilogy, Memoria del fuego (Memory of Fire), described as 'the most powerful literary indictment of colonialism in the Americas.' ..."
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