Sunday, December 21

Susan Te Kahurangi King: ‘Drawings From Many Worlds’

An untitled 1965 work.
"Since the early 1960s, the New Zealand artist Susan Te Kahurangi King, 63, has been reworking Looney Tunes characters like a rogue animator, abstracting, distorting and disassembling them in surreal and psychedelic landscapes. A small installation of her drawings was the undisputed hit of this year’s Outsider Art Fair. She is now making her gallery debut, with a bigger presentation, organized (like her art fair display) by the independent curator Chris Byrne."
NY Times
Explosive Drawing: Susan King’s Mash-ups, Strange Landscapes, and Other Worlds
The Many Worlds of Susan Te Kahurangi King
YouTube: Susan Te Kahurangi King "Drawings from Many Worlds" Curated by Chris Byrne at ANDREW EDLIN, susanking sundayarts 2009 ep29

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