Friday, March 15

Stormy Six

Wikipedia - "Stormy Six were an Italian progressive and folk rock band founded in Milan in 1966. They performed and recorded until 1983, mostly as a sextet but occasionally as a quartet, a quintet and a septet. Although their line-up changed considerably over the years, founding member Franco Fabbri remained with the group for its entire duration. In May 1993 they performed at a re-union concert in Milan, which was recorded and released on a CD, Un Concerto (1995)."
Italian Prog
YouTube: Stalingrado, Morti di Reggio Emilia, Dante Di Nanni, Gianfranco mattei, Settembre, Le lucciole, Carmine, Cancion Del Poder Popular (Inti-Illimani), Quando S'era Diplomato, 1789, Reparto Novità

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