Thursday, May 4

 Racist taunts stir up ancient pains in Boston

"Racism is a wound that’s difficult to cauterize even though it already burns. Just when Boston felt it had gotten the bleeding under control, the wound has been re-opened, gushing disappointment, anger, disbelief, and defensiveness. The news that Baltimore Orioles center fielder Adam Jones was subjected to racial epithets at Fenway Park on Monday during the Orioles 5-2 victory over the Red Sox put a city with a checkered racial past — on and off the field — back on the defensive. That’s the problem. The immediate reaction of some folks at Jones saying he was 'called the N-word a handful of times' at Friendly Fenway was to demand proof. There was a sense of fatigue that racism remained an issue that had to be dealt with and seething that an entire people could be painted in a derogatory fashion with such a broad brush. Welcome to the world of anyone who has ever been discriminated against. That’s exactly how those on the receiving end of racist taunts feel. It doesn’t feel good, does it, Boston? ..."
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