Friday, April 28

Your Complete Guide to Rewatching "Twin Peaks"

Twin Peaks: An Access Guide by David Lynch and Mark Frost (1991)
"'Twin Peaks' returns with new episodes on May 21 on Showtime, with much of the original cast returning, but the exact details of the story remain under wraps. The series still looms impossibly large in the TV imagination. Many modern murder mysteries — or quirky small-town shows, or oddball cop shows — still feel like pilgrimages toward the altar of David Lynch and Mark Frost, the show’s creators. Investigations into the murders of teenage girls somehow become dream-trance voyages into the uncanny. This guide is mostly for returning viewers, but it is still vague about certain plot points — spoiler-free is not quite right, but it is at least spoiler-light. Even if you’ve never seen the show, you might be more familiar with some of its plots and stories than you realize — a lot of 'Twin Peaks' ideas are pervasive in pop culture. ..."
NY Times
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