Tuesday, April 11

The Spanish Anarchists: The Heroic Years 1868-1936 - Murray Bookchin (1977)

"The first of two volumes, this is a rich overview of Spanish anarcho-syndicalism from the time a disciple of Bakunin set up the Spanish branch of the First International as an anti-Marxist faction. Spain is known as the heartland of European anarchism, and Bookchin--after a lively mapping of agriculture, industry, and politics--maintains that this is not simply because of 'atavism'; the Spanish anarchists' love of 'direct action' embraced an enthusiasm for technology and morality. In the 19th century, the anarchists' mass base consisted largely of agrarian or marginal immigrant workers; later the CNT labor federation became the key anarchist center, with a million members by the eve of the Civil War. ..."
Kirkus Reviews
[PDF] The Spanish Anarchists: The Heroic Years 1868-1936

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