Sunday, April 16

The Refugee King of Greece

“No risk, no life,” a teenage migrant told me, before jumping on a freight train.
"In the village of Ritsona, 50 miles north of Athens, razor wire dissects vineyards on a hillside. Inside the perimeter, crumbling concrete buildings and open fields, long abandoned by the Greek military, are now home to 700 refugees — some of the 50,000 or so trapped in limbo in this debt-ridden country since Europe slammed its borders closed a year ago. ... Ritsona is one of dozens of camps administered by the Greek government and aid agencies throughout the country. Refugees and migrants used to spend just a few days in the camps before traveling elsewhere in Europe, but in March 2016, the European Union put an end to that. All those who arrive in Greece are now indefinitely contained or sent back to Turkey. Conditions in the camps are unpleasant at best. ..."
NY Times