Saturday, April 29

Orange Crate Art - Brian Wilson and Van Dyke Parks (1995)

"With his snowy white hair, neat moustache and spectacles that sit low on his nose, Van Dyke Parks may look like a kindly shoemaker from a fairytale but don't mistake him for a soft touch. Between songs at the Borderline in London, the 70-year-old mocks rock critics who apply words such as 'smarmy, quirky, idiosyncratic: adjectives that have lost their special charm to me'. When we meet in an empty hotel dining room the next day, he peers over his glasses and says: 'Inevitably you will want to use the word eccentric in your writing. If you run out of quirky.' Parks falls prey to such reductive shorthand because his career defies categorisation. He is best known for co-writing the Beach Boys' ill-fated Smile with Brian Wilson in 1966, an album that wasn't completed for another 38 years. ..."
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