Saturday, April 15

Kamasi Washington - Harmony of Difference (EP - 2017)

"By the time the Trump administration moved its war games into high gear this week, Kamasi Washington, the tenor saxophonist, had already issued a counterstatement. He posted 'Truth,' a 14-minute strafe of consonance, plurality and positivism, on his YouTube channel on Wednesday. If you’ve been to the Whitney Biennial, you may have already seen it; 'Truth' is the last and longest piece from Harmony of Difference, Mr. Washington’s multimedia suite, on display there through June 11. There are two chords in the whole tune; you won’t hear knotty questions being posed or conflicts being parsed. It’s macro-musical pacifism — a liberation theology for fearsome times. GIOVANNI RUSSONELLO ..."
NY Times: The Playlist: Kamasi Washington Releases a Blast of ‘Truth’
YouTube: Truth 14:15

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