Tuesday, March 7

John Zorn Is Rolling The Stone From Avenue C To The New School

"On a rainy Wednesday, John Zorn sat on a sofa alongside Richard Kessler. The two talked like old friends, which they are. Zorn, the celebrated composer and musician, and Kessler, the executive dean for performing arts at the New School who is also dean of the university’s Mannes School of Music, are now also partners in a venture that may alter Manhattan’s musical landscape and its relationship with higher education. The Stone, the tiny but influential performance space that Zorn founded in 2005 to present experimental and avant-garde music, will become a fixture of the New School’s College of Performing Arts, taking up residence in the New School’s Glass Box Theater on West 13th St. Beginning in March 2018, when the old club closes, The Stone at the New School, as it will be called, will present concerts at 8:30pm, Tuesdays through Saturdays. ..."
NY Times: The Stone, an Influential Music Space, to Move to the New School

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