Tuesday, November 8

Neil Young - Eldorado (EP - 1989)

"Eldorado is the 21st release from Neil Young, one of the most prolific artists around today. Released as a special EP in Australia and Japan, and running at only 25 minutes, Eldorado is not much of a value. However, in that 25 minutes there is some of the hardest rocking music that Neil had put out, pre-Ragged Glory. Recorded with the Restless (making for the joke, Neil Young and the Restless), this is a wonderful accomplishment for only three players. The other musicians on the record are Chad Cromwell on drums and Rick 'The Bass Player' Rosas, who both also appear on the album This Note's For You. One of the great things about Neil is that after playing with people such as Cromwell and Rosas (and more recently Booker T and the MGs), he gets a great idea for what would be fun to do next and does it. ..."
Thrasher's Wheat
W - Eldorado (EP)
YouTube: Eldorado - Hamburg (Live), Eldorado, Cocaine Eyes (Live), Don't Cry (Live), Heavy Love (Live), On Broadway (Live)
YouTube: No More (Live SNL 1989)

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