Friday, December 25

The Peel Sessions Album - Wire (1989)

"In 1978 and 1979, Wire taped three sessions for the John Peel show. Most artists might have taken the opportunity afforded by a coveted Peel session to promote a recent or forthcoming release. Wire did otherwise. Wire often moved swiftly on to new projects once material had been committed to vinyl. Consequently, only one of the numbers chosen by the group for its first BBC session in January 1978 was from the recent debut album, Pink Flag. ... Although The Peel Sessions hints at early Wire's weaknesses without regular producer Mike Thorne -- who seemed uniquely capable of bringing the group's sound into focus -- the material collected here does nothing to diminish Wire's status as the most innovative and influential band of the punk era."
W - The Peel Sessions Album
Pink Flag: The Peel Sessions
I Love Total Destruction
YouTube: On Returning (The Peel Sessions), German Shepherds, Boiling Boy, Mutual Friend, Drill

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