Friday, April 17

The Ideal Copies: Graham Lewis Of Wire's Favourite Albums

"Wire have always been a band of tensions, of different modes, mysteries and ways of being. It's often tempting to try and locate which elements of their wry angularity come from which member, but it's probably a mistake to always assume that the pop comes from Colin Newman, the art from Graham Lewis and, before he left, experimental textures by Bruce Gilbert. That's what makes Wire such a special band - a slipperiness that has arguably kept them slightly adrift from the recognition that they deserve. With new album Wire getting plaudits all over the shop this seems, pleasantly enough, likely to change. ..."
The Quietus (Video)

2009 January: Wire, 2012 January: On the Box 1979., 2013 September: Chairs Missing (1978), 2014 June: 154 (1979), 2014 July: Document And Eyewitness (1979-1980).