Monday, August 31

The Cities - Paul Blackburn

"... Then a thin sky blue spine catches your eye, and the old Grove Press logo, always a sign of something interesting, and as you fold it down into your hand, you see that it is The Cities by Paul Blackburn.  Flipping through the pages you notice that someone has written comments in the margins of some of the poems, and though you agree with Steiner that an avid reader always has a pencil close by, this is blue ballpoint pen.  The crabbed scrawl is enough to make you slip the volume back onto the shelf until you spy the previous owner’s name on the fly leaf and realize that you hold in your hand a literary artifact. The Cities is probably Paul Blackburn’s best known and most accessible selection of poems. ..."
Someone Else’s Paul Blackburn
Paul Blackburn in Memphis, 1967
Silliman's Blog

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