Sunday, June 14

Red Army (2014)

"... This stirring, crazy story — a Russian novel of Tolstoyan sweep and Gogol-esque absurdity — is recounted in 'Red Army,' Gabe Polsky’s jaunty collage of a documentary. Mr. Polsky is a tireless researcher and a dogged interviewer, sometimes to the annoyance of his subjects. In an early sequence, his pushiness earns a raised middle finger from the great defenseman Vyacheslav Fetisov, but Mr. Fetisov’s occasionally grumpy participation is crucial to the film. As handsome as any movie star, thoughtful and temperamental, he is both narrator and hero, and serves as a guide to the curious, vanished world of high-level Communist athletics. Mr. Fetisov was at the core of a team distinguished by speed and fluidity. The architect of their approach was Anatoly Tarasov, a coach whose roly-poly physique seemed at odds with his devotion to grace and finesse on the ice."
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