Sunday, June 28

A Food Tour of Seinfeld’s New York

"It’s no secret that 'Seinfeld,' arguably the most 'New York' comedy in recent television history, was actually filmed in Los Angeles. But that hasn’t stopped tourists from flocking to the Upper West Side of Manhattan to see if they really can order a 'big salad' from the 'Seinfeld restaurant.' With the show making its streaming television debut on Hulu this month, New York food spots like Tom’s Restaurant that have become synonymous with “Seinfeld” could see an increase in business from nostalgic fans. Just don’t try to get a bagel from H & H, Kramer’s one-time place of employment. The Kenny Rogers Roasters and its blinding red neon chicken is also long gone, as is the Royale Pastry Shop (called Royal Bakery and Schnitzers on the show), the bakery responsible for a marble rye worth mugging an old lady for and a black-and-white cookie that could bridge racial divides."
NY Times

2011 August: Seinfeld