Friday, December 26

The Year in Pictures, 2014

Italian sailors rescued 109 African migrants from a rubber boat in the sea between Italy and Libya in October.
"How close are you willing to get? That’s the question posed by the most potent photographs of 2014: How close? We founder in the shallows amid the constant nano-buzz of a modern culture. But with just one powerful still photograph — emphasis on still — you need to stop, stare, then drown in the image, tumble into its pure moment. And so many of those moments in 2014 where the ink seemed to bleed, where the pixels seemed to pulse with extra force, focused on the millions of people seeking some kind of refuge — in places like Myanmar, Syria and South Sudan, in Ukraine, Istanbul and Caracas. There were those displaced by violence, and others who sought shelter by embracing the very violence itself."
NY Times