Sunday, December 7

The Making of an Underground Film

"There is simply too much pork for the fork in this wild CBS Evening News report on the then-new phenomenon of 'underground films' from New Year’s Eve of 1965/66. Seen here are Piero Heliczer filming the Velvet Underground, along with testimony from Jonas Mekas, Stan Brakhage, Andy Warhol, a gorgeous young Edie Sedgwick, Al Aronowitz (the rock journo who introduced The Beatles to Dylan—and pot), Willard Van Dyke of the Museum of Modern Art, Chuck Wein, even shirtless and bodypainted Lou Reed and John Cale. Angus MacLise, who was still in the group when this was shot makes an appearance as well."
Dangerous Minds
W - Underground film
YouTube: The Making of an Underground Film from CBS Evening News with Walter Cronkite