Friday, December 26

20 Ways to Make People Fall in Love With Your Instagram: A Guide for Libraries and Other Cultural Institutions

"I recently attended the annual MCN conference in Dallas, TX, where lots of digitally-minded museum, library, and cultural people get together to learn from and about each other. While there, I gave an Ignite talk. Ignite is a specific style of talk where there are 20 slides, and each advances automatically after 15 seconds. The format forces you to get down to the nitty-gritty of what is important in your presentation, and makes for some exciting deliveries. My talk, naturally, was about something I am really passionate about: Instagram. Having co-managed the NYPL Instagram account (along with Billy Parrott, Managing Librarian, Art and Picture Collection) for the past 18 months, I shared my insights in a talk titled 'Your Instagram Doesn’t Have to Suck.' But it’s really Twenty Ways to Make People Fall in Love With Your Instagram."
Instagram: NYPL
YouTube: MCN2014: Ignite Morgan Holzer