Sunday, May 20

Tom Johnson - Rational Melodies

"Using a variety of compositional techniques based on mathematical and algorithmic manipulations, the American composer Tom Johnson has devoted his career to exploring musical analogs to fractal self-similarity, first described in the mid-1970s in the groundbreaking work of Benoit Mandelbrot. One simple example of this kind of technique is to define a set of rules for replacing individual elements with sets of other elements, and then applying these rules repeatedly to create nested self-similar structures."
Acousmata - Tom Johnson: VI3, From the album Rational Melodies (Video)
Tom Johnson, Rational Melodies
CD: Rational Melodies [Dedalus]
YouTube: Rational Melodie, 3, 1, Andrew McIntosh and the Rational Melodies Micro Concerts

2011 February: Tom Johnson

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