Thursday, February 16

An Ideal for Living EP - Joy Division

Wikipedia - "An Ideal for Living is the debut EP released by Joy Division in 1978, shortly after changing their name from Warsaw. All tracks were recorded at the Pennine Sound Studios, Oldham, on 14 December 1977. A 7" version was released in June on the band's own Enigma Records label (not to be confused with the American record label of the same name), followed by a 12" version in October on the band's own Anonymous Records label."
Joy Division the Bootlegs
YouTube: An Ideal for Living EP - 12:34
LiveLeak: Part 1/3 Part 2/3, Part 3/3

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2009 August: Factory: Manchester From Joy Division To Happy Mondays
2011 November: "Love Will Tear Us Apart"

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