Wednesday, November 9

Spalding Gray

Wikipedia - "Spalding Rockwell Gray (June 5, 1941 – ca. January 10, 2004) was an American actor, playwright, screenwriter, performance artist and monologuist. He was primarily known for his 'trenchant, personal narratives delivered on sparse, unadorned sets with a dry, WASP, quiet mania.' Gray achieved celebrity for writing and acting in the play Swimming to Cambodia, adapted into a film in 1987. He began his career in regional theatre, moved to New York in 1967 and three years later joined Richard Schechner's experimental troupe, the Performance Group. He co-founded the Wooster Group ensemble in 1975. He died in New York City of an apparent suicide."
Wikipedia, Spalding Gray, NYT: Spalding Gray' Vanishing Act, BOMB 17/Fall 1986
YouTube: "Swimming to Cambodia", What New York Does to You, "True Stories" (1986), Spalding Gray Explains Modern Life, Khmer Rouge history primer
npr: Remembering Spalding Gray (Video)

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