Saturday, July 28

Glenn Branca: A Guide to the Symphonies

"To most listeners, composer Glenn Branca is best known for his early engagements with the experimental side of rock history. Back in 1981, Thurston Moore and Lee Ranaldo were two of the guitarists in the orchestra for the premiere of Branca’s Symphony No. 1, and since it was Branca’s own early ’80s imprint, Neutral, that originally released Sonic Youth’s first self-titled EP, the man has been subsumed within that band’s origin story for decades. Likewise, the composer’s short-lived art rock group Theoretical Girls remains a part of CBGB’s aesthetically wild 1970s legacy – making it much easier for some to talk about Branca as a rock icon than as a symphonic visionary. However, now that the iconic club has been 'recreated' both at Newark Airport and on HBO’s Vinyl (and since Sonic Youth’s run appears well and truly over), perhaps it's the right time to tell the Glenn Branca story as something other than a footnote to underground rock lore. (Especially as this summer marks the 35th anniversary of Branca’s Symphony No. 1.) You have to give Branca credit for dedication: as of this writing, his website details 16 different symphonies. ..."
Red Bull Music Academy Daily (Video)

2017 October: Theoretical Girls - U.S. Mille / You Got Me (1978), 2018 May: Rorschach Audio: Glenn Branca Discusses Reading, Writing & Volume

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