Monday, June 4

Through A Different Lens: Stanley Kubrick Photographs (2018)

"A total of 132 black-and-white photographs, 42 offset photographic reproductions in vitrines (double-page spreads or covers from Look magazine) and two films on video monitors, installed in three rooms of the third floor in the southern gallery, on the outer walls and both sides of a central partition. The photographs range in size from 8×8 to 30×30 inches and are organized chronologically (1947-1951) by curators Donald Albrecht and Sean Corcoran. ... Others saw cinema as a higher calling, or perhaps just a more involving, complex, risky, and lucrative one. When Stanley Kubrick and Gordon Parks made the transition from New York photojournalists to Hollywood directors, they didn’t look back. Numerous critics have wondered what Kubrick learned during his first career that prepared him to pursue his second. A few exhibitions have taken a stab at answering the question. ..."
Collector Daily
Museum of the City of New York

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