Tuesday, June 13

Trump and the True Meaning of ‘Idiot’

"In a recent Quinnipiac University poll, respondents were asked what word immediately came to mind when they thought of Donald Trump: The No. 1 response was 'idiot.' This was followed by 'incompetent,' 'liar,' 'leader,' 'unqualified,' and finally, in sixth place, 'president.' Superlatives like “great” and a few unprintable descriptives came further down on the list. But let us focus on the first. Contemporary uses of the word 'idiot' usually highlight a subject’s lack of intelligence, ignorance, foolishness or buffoonery. The word’s etymological roots, however, going back to ancient Greece, suggest that, in the case of the president, it may be even more apropos than it might first seem. ..."
NY Times