Sunday, June 25

Sonar Senghor - Lost Africa (1957) / Rare African Swing Vol. 1

"Purely on historical grounds, this album from the 1950s is an interesting document, as it was one of the first recordings to expose the tribal music of Western Africa to a European and North American audience. Academic considerations aside, this collection of songs associated with ritualistic dances is worthwhile listening, consisting solely of the Sonar Senghor troupe's high-spirited vocals and chants, with no backup instrumentation save simple (yet varied) percussion. The stark production is, if anything, an asset. Music this direct and elemental doesn't need polish, and the songs can be heard not just as folkloric rituals, but as enjoyable performances in their own right."
YouTube: Bonomiollo, Sougnou Mbtaye, Sindhio, Dianka Bi

"Rare African Swing Vol. 1 album for sale by Various Artists was released May 24, 2013 on the Mondotone label. Rare African Swing Vol. 1 CD music contains a single disc with 20 songs."
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YouTube: Rare African Swing Vol. 1 20 songs · 51:04