Sunday, June 4

Peace and Noise - Patti Smith (1997)

"Patti Smith, who was 50 when 'Peace and Noise' was released, looks both backward and forward in her seventh studio album. '1959,' the album's single and signature track, commemorates the Tibetan uprising against occupying Chinese forces that year: 'China was the tempest / Madness overflowed / Lama was a young man / And watched his world in flames.' She contrasts the bloodshed in Tibet with mindless bliss in America, represented by, believe it or not, cars with big fins: 'Wisdom and compassion crushed / In the land of Shangri-La / But in the land of the Impala / Honey, well, we were lookin' fine // 'Cause we built that thing and it grew wings / In 1959.' ..."
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