Saturday, May 6

As French Elections Nears, So Does a Step Into the Unknown

"France’s presidential election on Sunday has already broken all kinds of barriers in a country whose politics seemed frozen for decades. The two candidates are outsiders. The political establishment has been elbowed aside. The tone of the race between the insurgents has shocked many for its raw anger and insolence. Then, barely an hour before the official close of campaigning at midnight Friday, the staff of the presumed front-runner, Emmanuel Macron, a 39-year-old former investment banker, announced that his campaign had been the target of a 'massive and coordinated' hacking operation. Internal emails and other documents, some real, some fake, according to the campaign, were posted on 4chan, an online message board favored by white nationalists, in an apparent effort to aid his rival, Marine Le Pen, 48, the far-right leader. ..."
NY Times
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