Tuesday, March 21

Trisha Brown, Choreographer and Pillar of American Postmodern Dance, Dies at 80

Trisha Brown rehearsing members of her troupe in 1991 in her work “Foray Foret.”
"Trisha Brown, the choreographer and exemplar of the founding generation of American postmodern dance, died on Saturday in San Antonio. She was 80. Barbara Dufty, the executive director of Ms. Brown’s dance company, confirmed the death. Ms. Brown had been treated for vascular dementia since 2011. Few dance inventors have so combined the cerebral and sensuous sides of dance as Ms. Brown did, and few have been as influential. Her choreography, showcased primarily in New York, helped shape generations of modern dance creators into the 21st century. [ Mikhail Baryshnikov, Laurie Anderson and other artists speak on working with Ms. Brown. ] ..."
NY Times
NY Times: 5 Artists on Working With Trisha Brown (Video)

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