Tuesday, March 14

Robert Stone - Damascus Gate (1998)

"Robert Stone doesn't need the approaching millennium to push him toward fantasies of Armageddon. Since starting out as a novelist in the 1960's he has been loaded for Leviathan, writing with Melvillean chutzpah, his harpoon aimed at the heart of apocalyptic America. But Stone's latest novel is set in Jerusalem in the early 1990's, making manifest the metaphor lurking behind much of his work and raising the stakes of Damascus Gate, which has an emblematic urgency unusual even for a writer of Stone's ambition. Stone's new novel takes its name from one of the gates of the Old City of Jerusalem. Though most of the book's characters live in the city's newer neighborhoods, it is the Old City -- with its ancient, uneasy divisions of Muslim, Christian and Jew, and its labyrinthine passageways snaking toward the Temple Mount -- that ignites their imaginations and desires. ..."
NY Times
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