Wednesday, October 12

Peter Gizzi - Jack Spicer, Bruce Conner and the Art of the Assemblage

"Emotion and innovation is something I’ve thought a lot about relative to my own writing but it’s also something I’ve confronted in very concrete ways in the writing of Jack Spicer, and I thought I would focus here on Spicer’s work, specifically the affinity between his poetry and West-Coast assemblage art, and in particular the film work of Bruce Conner. I am interested in the ways both Spicer and Conner use history as a material texture while leaving gaps within their work to draw the reader into an intimate and emotional engagement with these materials. In 1965 when Jack Spicer wrote, 'get those words out of your mouth and into your heart,' he voiced an imperative to both poet and reader, addressing the perilous honesty that the lived life of the poem demands. ..."
The Sienese Shredder