Saturday, October 15

Gardens by France’s Most Revered Landscape Designer

"Gardens are 'an expression of faith' and 'the embodiment of hope,' wrote the revered English landscape architect Russell Page in his memoir, 'The Education of a Gardener,' in 1962. If you’re lucky, you start with a blank slate and some time in the future, years later, it may become something like what you had in mind. Gardens are forever evolving and growing, like children to adulthood, and like all things in nature, they can be hobbled by disease, or refashioned for the times or, on occasion, brutally destroyed before reaching maturity — life interrupted. They hold a beauty and a sadness — seasonally, of course, from those early sprouts pushing through the softened earth of spring, to the autumn, when the leaves fade and fall and the barrenness of winter sets in, but also in their impermanence. Gardens continually remind us of our mortality. ..."
NY Times
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