Friday, October 14

Bob Dylan and The Band - "Like A Rolling Stone" (1966)

Wikipedia - "'Like a Rolling Stone' is a 1965 song by the American singer-songwriter Bob Dylan. Its confrontational lyrics originated in an extended piece of verse Dylan wrote in June 1965, when he returned exhausted from a grueling tour of England. Dylan distilled this draft into four verses and a chorus. 'Like a Rolling Stone' was recorded a few weeks later as part of the sessions for the forthcoming album Highway 61 Revisited. ... Critics have described the track as revolutionary in its combination of different musical elements, the youthful, cynical sound of Dylan's voice, and the directness of the question 'How does it feel?' 'Like a Rolling Stone' transformed Dylan's image from folk singer to rock star, and is considered one of the most influential compositions in postwar popular music. ..."
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YouTube: Bob Dylan and The Band - Like A Rolling Stone, Gates of Eden - 5/7/65 - Free Trade Hall, Manchester, England
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