Saturday, September 10

The Greek Islands - Lawrence Durrell

"Nobody knows the Greek islands like Lawrence Durrell. He fled from them in 1940 when the Nazis came. He wrote memorably about them in 'Bitter Lemons' (1943) and in 'Prospero's Cell' (1945). Even more than the Alexandria that made him famous when he used it as the setting for his famous trilogy of novels, the whitewashed, beetling Greek islands can inspire Mr. Durrell to feats of metaphor and loquacity. Patmos, he writes in this personal but thoroughly researched tour of all the major islands (except politically embroiled Cyprus) 'lies like a tortoise in a spatter of atolls.' Mykonos, overrun by tourists since Durrell first strolled there, is a 'flaring nightmare of whiteness,' and still worth visiting.  ..."
NY Times: Dec. 3, 1978
Telegraph - Corfu: A novel insight into Durrell's island
Songs of Blue and Gold: Lawrence Durrell’s Island of Corfu

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