Sunday, September 4

Robert Wyatt - Ruth Is Stranger Than Richard (1975)

Wikipedia - "Ruth Is Stranger Than Richard is the third solo album by Robert Wyatt. The follow-up to Rock Bottom, for which Wyatt had written all of the music and lyrics, Ruth... consisted of Wyatt's adaptations and arrangements of other people's music (either friends – Phil Manzanera, Fred Frith, Mongezi Feza, former Wilde Flowers bandmate Brian Hopper – or influences – Charlie Haden) with Wyatt adding his own lyrics in much the same way as he had done on Matching Mole's Little Red Record. ... Much of the album features Wyatt (on lead vocals and keyboards) backed by a "band" consisting of bassist Bill MacCormick, drummer Laurie Allan and saxophonists George Khan and Gary Windo, with Brian Eno adding his own idiosyncratic 'anti-jazz' touch. ..."
The Quietus
YouTube: Ruth is Stranger Than Richard - Full Album

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