Tuesday, April 19

The idea of the cassette: A gallery with musings

Andy Sawyer - Signs of Use
"In a recent essay for a museum show about music and objects, I made the following rash assertion: 'The poor old cassette – cheap, plastic, fragile— enjoys none of the romance associated with vinyl culture.' In retrospect this was a silly thing to say; at the least, I wish I’d said it differently. It’s a different kind of romance, and it certainly isn’t creating anything like the unlikely resurgence in sales of vinyl that’s occurred in the last couple of years. But it was flat wrong of me to imply that nobody cares about the idea of the cassette. I brooded about this for a few weeks and started collecting links and images relating to the various ways that the idea of the cassette persists. ..."

2015 August: Mix Tape: The Art of Cassette Culture - Thurston Moore (2005), 2015 September: OP Magazine / Tape Op, 2015 December: Cassette culture