Friday, April 15

The Band — Don’t Do It (1976)

"... Of course, what I REALLY love writing about is how Music A informs Music B and how exploring A and B allows you see both differently. So, it’s within that framework that we revisit [Marvin] Gaye. He was one of the benchmark R&B singers of the 20th century, with enough pop sensibility to crossover, and enough gospel in his voice that you knew he meant business. And yet, he also occupies an interesting niche in rock history. As it happens, an obscure-ish 1964 Marvin Gaye single was the first song heard in The Last Waltz, and the final song ever played by the original Band. When Robbie Robertson says, 'We’re gonna do one more song and that’s it,' that was it. ..."
Adios Lounge (Video - Winterland, San Francisco, November 25, 1976)
song mango
W - Baby Don't You Do It
YouTube: Don't Do It (live 12/28-12/31/71, the Academy of Music, NYC)

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