Saturday, April 23

History of Salsa Dancing!

"... On this joyous day, I hereby present you a project upon which I’ve been working for several weeks now, collecting info, piecing the puzzle together… History of Salsa dancing. I did my best, trying to cover the topic as fully as I can, but I’m certain that there is more to be discovered and said on the topic… Also, I tried to keep the descriptions rather short; if you want more info regarding a specific dance, just google it; I got much of the info doing just that. They say that a picture is worth a 1000 words… ... Well, let’s get to it! *presented in chronological order, both in the text and the diagram (bottom to top until salsa, as all styles came to exist roughly at the same time). **yep, it’s quite a long one, no doubt, as I tried my best to trace the evolution of Salsa, spanning almost 500 years of cultural history. We also have to remember that most of the time the various dance forms coexisted in Cuba, effecting one another. ..."
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