Wednesday, April 13

Clifford Brown and Max Roach (1955)

"According to the original 1955 liner notes to Clifford Brown and Max Roach, the announcement that Clifford Brown and Max Roach had begun recording and playing together sent shock waves throughout the jazz community and predictions ran rampant about how the two might shape bop to come. The last duo to really shape the music had begun over ten years earlier, with the relationship between Bird and Diz. This recording was early fruit from a tree that would only live as long as Clifford Brown was around to water it (1956, the year of his tragic auto accident). The result is by far some of the warmest and most sincere bebop performed and committed to tape. Brown's tone is undeniably and characteristically warm, and he keeps the heat on alongside Roach's lilting vamps and pummeling solos. ..."
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Clifford Brown-Max Roach Project at the Piedmont Piano Company
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YouTube: Clifford Brown & Max Roach (Full Album)
1/ Delilah 00:00 2/ Parisian Thoroughfare 08:03 3/ Daahoud 15:18 4/ Joy Spring 19:19 5/ Jordu 26:09 6/ The Blues Walk 33:51 7/ What Am I Here For? 40:36