Thursday, April 7

Anarchism and Friedrich Nietzsche

Wikipedia - "The relation between anarchism and Friedrich Nietzsche has been ambiguous. Even though Nietzsche criticized anarchism, his thought proved influential for many thinkers within what can be characterized as the anarchist movement. As such '[t]here were many things that drew anarchists to Nietzsche: his hatred of the state; his disgust for the mindless social behavior of 'herds'; his anti-Christianity; his distrust of the effect of both the market and the State on cultural production; his desire for an 'übermensch'—that is, for a new human who was to be neither master nor slave'. ... Post-anarchism is a contemporary hybrid of anarchism and post-structuralism. Post-structuralism in itself is profoundly influenced by Nietzsche in its main thinkers such as Michel Foucault and Gilles Deleuze as well as the early influence of Georges Bataille on these authors. ..." Max Stirner, Emma Goldman, Salvador Seguí, Federica Montseny, Murray Bookchin, Albert Camus, etc.
Prophet Nietzsche
Saul Newman - Anarchism and the politics of ressentiment

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