Monday, February 29

Don't You Be Afraid To Lie By Me: The Strange World Of... Bert Jansch

"A messy thatch of black hair and sideburns gazing back at the camera, a beehived girl on the floor... the cover of It Don't Bother Me, Bert Jansch's second solo LP, shows that '60s folk music wasn't averse to myth-making. He had chops, though, did Bert. ... The next five years before his debut album arrived were of Leonard Cohen-grade legend: squatting in squalor with The Incredible String Band's Robin Williamson, busking and playing through Britain and Europe with a girlfriend he married because she was too young to get a passport (they divorced pretty quickly), being deported from Tangiers back home on the way to Marrakech to make music (less mythically, he had contracted dysentery), and returning to a booze-and-weed fuggy flat chock-full of folk musicians, albeit in less exotic environs between Cricklewood and Kilburn. ..."
The Quietus (Video)

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