Wednesday, December 9

The Clash - "Clash City Rockers" / "Jail Guitar Doors" (1978)

Wikipedia - "'Clash City Rockers' is a song and single by The Clash. First released in February 1978 with the b-side 'Jail Guitar Doors,' a re-worked version of a song from Joe Strummer's pub rock days. It was later included as the opening track of the belated US version of the band's eponymous debut album. The song was first played live at Mont De Marsan (Landes - France), in August 1977 and recorded the same year in the band's October and November sessions at CBS Studios. ... The Clash's first overt attempt at self-mythology, 'Clash City Rockers' is, by and large, a song about positivity and moving forward, and revisits themes common in Clash songs of the era, specifically dead-end employment and having a purpose in life. ..."
W - "Jail Guitar Doors"
Jail Guitar Doors - Billy Bragg
YouTube: Clash City Rockers, Jail Guitar Doors, Billy Bragg sings "Jail Guitar Doors" - Joe Strummer Tribute in S.F. 10-2-09