Thursday, December 24

Atlanta: Darker Than Blue

"Here's a deep dive to keep you occupied through the holidays. Atlanta: Darker Than Blue is a fascinating history of the city presented by Blvck Vrchives. A sobering decades-long look at black life in the black mecca, it covers the trials, tragedy, and triumphs. It's easily the most compelling photographic retrospective of Atlanta that I have ever seen. Set to the music of Curtis Mayfield's 'We the People Who Are Darker Than Blue,' the video component (embedded below) starts with civil rights-era Atlanta and the funeral of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., then travels through the rise of Mayor Maynard Jackson, the decimation of the Atlanta Child Murders, the destitute condition of public housing in the ’70s/’80s; to the hip-hop era, Freaknik, and Dre's proclamation giving rise to the South. ..."
Creative Loafing
Atlanta: Darker Than Blue
vimeo: Atlanta: Darker Than Blue (Introduction)

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