Thursday, August 6

The Cultivist’s Top 12 International Hidden Art Gems

Leighton House Museum
"The women at the helm of the Cultivist, a members’-club-cum-concierge-service for art enthusiasts, are just the kind of people you would want to e-mail before taking a trip. They’re well traveled, well connected and able to suggest places to visit that won’t be glutted with tourists — as well as the secret spots tucked away in even the world’s best-known museums. ... Membership in the first year of the Cultivist’s existence is limited to 1,000, and perks of membership include free, skip-the-line access to 70 museums — with three guests each — and over 30 art fairs, as well as a number of member events, worldwide. With the explicitly international scope of the project in mind, we asked Verhoeven and Peat, along with three of their colleagues in the Cultivist’s programming and membership departments, to share a dozen favorite, far-flung art destinations — that haven’t yet been Instagrammed to death. ..."
NY Times