Friday, October 3

Walker Evans: The Magazine Work

"One of the pivotal figures of 20th-century photography, Walker Evans’s austere and formally precise images of the American vernacular helped define a stylistic approach to photography that continues to resonate with contemporary artists. His work received critical acclaim during his lifetime, and in 1938 he was the subject of the first solo photography exhibit at the Museum of Modern Art. But he also spent a large portion of his creative life working for magazines, both small avant-garde publications like Hound & Horn and Dance Index, and mainstream commercial outlets like Fortune, Vogue, and Harper’s Bazaar. And while individual works within this magazine corpus have appeared in anthologies and exhibitions since his death, the work has largely been ignored or, worse, as in the case of his later work at Fortune, dismissed as the work of an artist past his prime."
Brooklyn Rail
TIME - Walker Evans: A Rebel Rises at Fortune (Photo)
Guardian - Life, Time and Fortune: how Walker Evans mastered magazine photography
vimeo: David Campany: Photography Between Page and Wall - March 11, 2014

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