Wednesday, October 29

Rohmer in Paris (2013)

"'I want to take you on a journey, a cinephilic journey,' says filmmaker Richard Misek in his accented English. He then goes on to preach the pleasures of ‘cinephilia’, which is of course a term for the love of cinema – but please, somebody, come up with a new descriptor for this passionate pursuit! Misek’s obsession with French New Wave director, Eric Rohmer’s oeuvre, was sparked when he accidentally walked into frame of one of his films. Here he uses footage from Rohmer’s movies to explore the many connections and themes of the filmmaker’s work, primarily focusing on the films that he made in and about Paris. Misek’s exploration is part documentary, part experimental film, and the result is as informative as it is pretentious."
Éminence grise. Éric Rohmer On Blu-ray.
NOWMESS: Rohmer in Paris (2013)

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